We believe that the two combined influences of church and home are better than just two influences.


Our goal is to partner with your family as we work together to pass our faith on to the next generation. 


Kids' Check-In:

On your child’s first visit, we will collect some basic information to get to know your child and enter them into our system. You will then receive a security sticker and name tag for your child. After your initial check in, you can use the self check-in computers when you arrive and both you and your child will receive a security sticker with a matching 3-digit code, valid only for that day. (We also offer additional stickers to label diaper bags, personal items, etc.)

If you are planning to visit use the link below to speed up your initial check-in experience. 

Plan Your Visit

Enjoy the Service:

After dropping your child off, relax and enjoy the service! Our volunteers are here to ensure your child will have an incredible time. We feel safety is important. Our volunteers have been trained and screened with background checks.

Kids' Pick-Up:

Pick-up is a breeze. First, you will be asked to show your security sticker at the door of your child’s room. We will then call your child’s name, and one of our volunteers will match the number on your child’s sticker to the number on your sticker prior to releasing them.

Be sure to check out our pages for each of our kids' and student environments. 



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